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  • Tottenham Bus Station
  • Tottenham Bus Station
  • Tottenham Bus Station

As part of its work in Tottenham Hale, Argent Related has undertaken to design and deliver a realigned bus station. This is an essential first step in developing the centre of Tottenham Hale. 

Argent Related wants to create a new centre for Tottenham Hale – a place where people can enjoy the environment they live or work in, or travel through. Upgrading the bus station is a key part of the plans.

What is proposed?
Working in partnership with Haringey Council and having consulted with TFL, London Buses and others, Argent Related is proposing to make improvements to the bus station, with a new layout incorporating the existing canopies which will:

  • Allow buses to exit and enter from the north and south, creating a more direct route through the station and reducing bus journey times
  • Relieve a major congestion ‘pinch’ point by widening Watermead Way
  • Make the bus station easier to cross over and walk through by adding two additional crossings
  • Add an additional pedestrian and cycle crossing point (toucan) on Watermead Way, to allow better access from the transport hub to Ashley Road and beyond
  • Allow the creation of a more attractive and welcoming space for those coming from the station, whilst maintaining the existing canopies
  • Allow us to reduce the footprint of the bus station and free-up more public space to become part of the reenergised heart of Tottenham Hale.

Subject to planning approval, the works could start in summer 2018 and finish by the end of 2019.

How will this affect my journey?
Buses will run throughout the construction works and Argent Related will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. Once the works are finished, buses will experience a significant reduction in journey times.

For a more detailed summary of the proposed works please read the information leaflet

About Argent Related
In April 2017 Argent Related and Haringey Council signed a Strategic Development Partnership (SDP) to regenerate the heart of Tottenham Hale.

Argent Related is proposing to redevelop five sites in the centre of Tottenham Hale, known to us as Welbourne, North Island, Ferry Island, Ashley Road West and Ashley Road East.

Find out more about Argent Related’s plans

Please visit Argent Related’s second public exhibition on Thursday 1 February and Saturday 3 February 2018. 3 February 2018.  Download the exhibition information here.

The Developments

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Ashley Gardens Ashley Gardens
Ashley House & Cannon Factory Ashley House & Cannon Factory
Ashley Road Ashley Road
Berol Yard Berol Yard
Ferry Island & North Island Ferry Island & North Island
Hale Village Hale Village
Hale Wharf Hale Wharf
Monument Way Monument Way
Premier Inn Tottenham Hale Premier Inn Tottenham Hale
Tottenham Bus Station Tottenham Bus Station
Tottenham Hale Station Tottenham Hale Station
Welbourne Welbourne